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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Google Payment News

Google is rolling out payment functionality on top of Google Base, the official Google Base blog says:

“For buyers, this feature will provide a convenient and secure way to purchase Google Base items by credit card. For sellers, this feature integrates transaction processing with Google Base item management.

We’re starting with a very small number of sellers and we expect to include more over the next several months.”

Also, the official Google Blog gives an update on payments, basically saying that yes, Google already handles payments in a lot of services, and yes, they’ll continues to add payment to services where this makes sense. Like Google Base, I guess. Which is now one step closer to becoming that eBay it has made out to be by some in the beginning, even though it still lacks an auctioning system and an actual community. But what happens if Google tomorrow decides to freely advertise Google Base products on the right hand side of Google web search results for related keywords (getting their money back by commissions from actual Google Base sales)?

[Thanks Or, Niraj Sanghvi, David Sanger and Jack.]


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