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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Birthday Pi

My birthday is found on position 135,019,918 within Pi... using this Pi search tool.

CIA Uncovered Through Online Research

From the Chicago Tribune:

“When the Tribune searched a commercial online data service, the result was a virtual directory of more than 2,600 CIA employees, 50 internal agency telephone numbers and the locations of some two dozen secret CIA facilities around the United States.

Only recently has the CIA recognized that in the Internet age its traditional system of providing cover for clandestine employees working overseas is fraught with holes, a discovery that is said to have “horrified” CIA Director Porter Goss.”

Shelli’s SketchSwaps

Shelli decided she wanted a place to show off her sketches for SketchSwap... nice! (There are also a bunch of sketches at Flickr.)


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