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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

[Meta] New FM Site

Federated Media, this blog’s ad network, launched a nice new site along with authors information and a tech metablog highlighting posts of the network.

Police Women in Iran (Video)

Google Video shows you how Iranian police women are trained. (Upward this if you like it.)

Pac-Man on Google Maps

There’s a Pac-Man on Google Maps... [Thanks Miel.]

Google Cartoons Today

Zits and Sherman’s Lagoon are both about Google today. [Thanks Michael Fagan.]

Dave Winer About to Quit

Dave Winer of, one of the blog pioneers (and a controversial one at that) wants to stop blogging by the end of this year. Dave says the goals he wanted to achieve have been achieved now... and that he wants more time for himself to do things that may matter more now.

Google in Waterloo

Google held an event at the University of Waterloo campus, Michael Fagan reports. Along with Google candy and pie there was a chance to talk to Googler employees (some of which said Google wants to “expand the Waterloo office with engineers as fast as they can”). [Photo courtesy of Michael Fagan.]


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