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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Comic Strip Generator

QuickToons allows you to create and share three-panel comic strips. Too bad most of the random cartoons are just garbage or test cartoons... maybe they should moderate them (or allow readers to rate them). [Found on this giant list of 2.0-ish websites.]

Also see this comic strip generator.

More Google Maps Crop Circles

Those aliens are always busy... here are a few more crop circles as found on Google Maps. [Via Google Sightseeing.]

I-Newswire Gone as Google Source

Google News kicked I-Newswire out of its list of news sources... and that’s almost certainly a reaction to the recent story of teenager Thomas Vendetta, who managed to cause some stir by releasing a hoax press release. [Via Search Engine Watch.]

Trace Your Email on Google Maps

Email Graphic Traceroute tells you through which locations your email passed before it reached you. (You probably want to remove all email addresses before you copy & paste the email there.) [Thanks Miel.]


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