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Friday, March 17, 2006

Germany’s Arctic Monkeys

Germany has a new web meme: this music video, titled “Where are you, my sunshine?” The meme is a bit like the recent Arctic Monkeys one: a band creates a no-budget music video, a blogger puts it on YouTube with the comments “next big thing, really” and “I hope you don’t speak German, it makes it all worse,” more and more people discover it, and suddenly the band becomes famous and is covered on TV, in numerous blogs (including the popular Spreeblick) and Germany’s biggest online news mag,, and gets its own parody videos.

Unlike the Arctic Monkeys, the quality level of Grup Tekkan – a band singing with Turkish accent – is rather low, so it’s more of a prank meme a la Star Wars Kid or William Hung. Just like them, these guys are actually trying hard and they’re not completely bad... just very amateurish, in a fun way.


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