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Monday, March 20, 2006

In Google vs Government, It’s Still Not About Child Pornography

Did the coverage of the Google search data subpoena get any better? No, it’s getting more inaccurate. Now that even Reuters made the error to confuse pornography filters to protect children with child pornography, many more mainstream news sources copied them:

”... as part of the Bush Administration’s attempt to defend the effectiveness of a 1996 online child pornography law.”
Reuters, March 17

”... which wants the data for a statistical study it is doing to show the effectiveness of filtering software at issue in a separate case (...) that concerns a federal law on online child pornography
CNN, March 17

“Google Ordered to Submit Data for Child Pornography Study”
The New York Times, March 18

”... as part of the Bush Administration’s attempt to defend a federal law on child pornography on the Internet.”
ITNews, March 18

“A federal court ruled Friday that Google turn over Web addresses to the U.S. Department of Justice as part of the government’s investigation into child pornography ...”
MarketWatch, March 18

MarketWatch, Forbes and CNN are all misreporting this for the second time.

[Thanks Tadeusz.]


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