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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Upwarded Source wasn’t as successful so far as I was hoping, so I’ve had a hard time adjusting the ranking algorithms... there just isn’t enough data coming in to test it. In any case, I’m releasing the full source for [ZIP] under a GNU GPL/ CC license. All you need is Apache/ PHP5/ MySQL; for more see the contained “readme.txt”.

You can either create your own website based on this and republish your changes under the same license, or simply have a look at some of the functions or the site structure. I’m using this basic approach/ framework for many sites – a single index.php5 file will change functionality depending on the mode parameter, a htaccess file will make the URLs nice, and classes surround it depending on functionality needed. RSS and widgets are exported to static files for better caching. On the client side, there’s a little Ajax (for the “upward it” button) as well as cookies to make for a no-registration comments system. The HTML is XHTML1.0 Strict along with CSS2. A cronjob runs in the background to update the ranking every few minutes.


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