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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Share Google Reader Feeds

Just when you thought Google didn’t get “social,” Google Reader introduced a nice new feature: sharing of feeds. Click on the new “Share” tab and it allows you to publish items by label or by their star.

For example, on this address I’m sharing a couple of feeds I labeled “google.” Google also allows me to generate an Atom feed for this.

You can also put the items on your website by grabbing a piece of HTML code. You can customize its appearance, length, title, and other details. Here’s an example widget:

Reto Meier, who pointed me to this, says, “Google Reader has been steadily improving of late, and while this isn’t a ground breaking addition, it is a handy service for sharing the best finds in your obsessively monitored feed collection with others, or as the Reader team suggest, an easy way to generate a feed of read or recommended items for display on your blog.”


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