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Monday, March 27, 2006

Google Maps iPod

Incredible – there’s an iPod on Google Maps. Apparently, this image has been constructed over the course of two years on an abandoned mineral mine somewhere in western Australia... a mine Steve Jobs won during a poker game with the late publishing/ gaming tycoon Kerry Packer. [Thanks Miel.]

PostSecret’s Frank Warren

USA Today has an article on the PostSecret blog:

“It started out as Warren’s temporary community art project. Now it’s where thousands of Americans go to anonymously post their deepest secrets, and where millions of Americans go to read them. Secret-tellers – call them “confessors” – send their secrets to his home here in suburban Washington, D.C., on postcards they decorate themselves. Warren reads every one and picks 10 to 20 to post on his blog every Sunday.”

Google Hires Vim Author

Bram Moolenaar, the creator of Linux text editor Vim (short for Vi Improved), is now working at Google Zurich. Bram announced this on Friday in the Vimannounce Yahoo Group. [Thanks Manoj Nahar, Ionut Alex. Chitu.]


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