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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Another Web Monday in Cologne

So, I’ve returned from another Web Monday (Webmontag) in Cologne. It was the second I attended and the third overall in Cologne. It’s interesting to see that what started as a humble beginning, Wiki-organized and initiated by Tim Bonnemann (a German of now US-residence), has grown into nationwide web meetings. There are now Web Mondays in several cities, like Frankfurt, Berlin and Hamburg.

The only downside is that visiting several of these get-togethers will likely have you watch through the same presentations... so yesterday I saw Ruby on Rails and another web standards presentation for the second time after Frankfurt. For the next Web Mondays I’m hoping for a stronger focus on the “what” and “why” rather than just the “how,” maybe trying to shape a common vision stemming from people of all walks of life (artists, musicians, programmers, etc.)... with even more interaction and talks and even less presentations.


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