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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Google Video’s Continuous Playback

When you now link to a Google Video (like this one), Google is showing you not one video... but a lot of them. Google calls this feature “Continuous Playback” and it’s on by default (they offer you an “off” switch to the right side of the video).

I guess they want you to stick around more, but TomHTML thinks this is evil. At least it’s something to get used to; I was confused by the last couple of video links people sent to me (why is this continuing to play? Does he want me to watch all of them?). A permalink is supposed to link to an information atom. Now, people by default will send more than just a single video to their friends, even when that wasn’t their intention. Yep, it’s definitely confusing...

Update: Nathan points out what can go wrong with this Google Video feature... two dancing rabbis are followed by the song “We are lesbians” which includes the line “touch me there again.” But what if someone just intended to send the two dancing rabbis? To the receiver, it will look as though both videos were sent... which can lead to potentially embarassing situations.


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