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Thursday, March 30, 2006

It Play Cage

touched any heart, I thought,
but it had no effect upon Uriahs.
me; if I have any friend here,
who honours my husband, or has ever for her;
and passing me hurriedly, went into the kitchen.

When I Hah. said Traddles, thoughtfully.
It does seem a wonder.
I since seen reason to believe that there
was nothing on earth to futile by the umbrellas
hopping on again, like an immense bird,
increase low spirits and unpleasantness;
but further than that,

the wandering faces.
I never speak to him at such an hour.
I know history.
I have tried to resign myself,
      and to console myself; and
wrist: another round his body:
and several of the best men holding,
with any knowledge of life,
said Mr. Spenlow, adjusting his cravat

I could not forget that the feeling
with which she now regarded me
intelligible to anyone.

What I cannot describe is, how, in the for,
within a week
another execution came in.

It family? Was there anything like --
what we are going through today,
Mr. Copperfield and Dora, said Miss Mills,
with an almost prisoners --
so that no one man in confinement there,
knew anything Missis Gummidge, he returned,
not being a good scholar, sir,
Ham and limped past,
with their bundles drooping over their shoulders

ever accustomed herself to look down upon.
If a gentleman was the
Their report was, that Mr. Barkis was
    as bad as bad could be;

(In case you didn't guess by now, this Dada poem was a spam mail I received just now. Above the text, the mail included a "hot stock pick" message masquerading as an image; the text below it is reprinted above, and I only added the line breaks and spacing.)


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