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Thursday, March 30, 2006

What Makes a Blog Be Shown on Google Finance?

Seth Finkelstein says you can bomb your way up the Google Finance ranking... by targeting the company name. I’m sure there’s a variety of ranking factors which make you enter the Finance page, e.g. this one for Google (which currently shows the official Google Blog, Lifehacker, and Clickz News blog – Lifehacker does include the word “Google”, but not the word “goog” or “Google Inc”).

SEO these days can mean Google Base SEO, Google web SEO, Google Finance SEO, Google News SEO... and so on, covering the multitude of different search engine related services (not to mention Yahoo and MSN optimization). On the other hand, if you only focus on your content and not on any kind of positioning optimization, good positioning often comes natural. Also, this approach will make sure that you’re not falling prey to sudden ranking algorithm changes. After all, whatever the search engines change it won’t pay out for them if they make relevant good content disappear from the top results (certainly they’re not always successful in putting good content on top, but at least that’s the general direction they’re aiming for).

Update: Well, and as Ruben and Miss Pandora note, now this post made it onto the Google Finance page for GOOG!


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