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Thursday, March 30, 2006


It looks like some Google engineers in their 20% time wanted to implement a way to get vector rendering onto both Firefox and Internet Explorer... and ExplorerCanvas is the impressive result. Take a look at the example, a 3D shape that fluently rotates in both IE6/7 and FF (I could even get this to run on Mac OS/ Safari, though Opera 8.5 didn’t work here – apparently, it should work with Opera 9).

Other examples by Google include jumping dots (this is a little slow in IE) and image rotation.

Internet Explorer already has a native vector language called VML, but this approach – which utilizes the Firefox native vector language and adds a VML-wrapper – is reasonably cross-browser. For more info, look at creator Erik Arvidsson blog post, the SourceForge project (all you need is the 21 K JS file), and the Canvas tutorial.

[Thanks Pd.]


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