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Thursday, March 30, 2006 Googleaxed?

Did get the Google death penalty for SEO spam? Some signs point in this direction, Chris Porter says. And indeed, a search for shows no results... and currently has a PageRank 0.

The following hidden HTML (white links on white background), with keyphrases such as color printing or design solutions, can still be see on the homepage. SEO spam like this certainly has the potential to get one banned:

Also in the HTML is a trace of who might be responsible for this site’s “SEO” – a company called Bespoke Marketing:

From the about page: “After several years of concentrating on new designs and providing support to our customer base we moved into more proactive marketing techniques." Yeah... if they’re responsible for SEO, they’re certainly very proactive. But Bespoke Marketing doesn’t just cover “search engine promotion,” as they call it. They also claim to be responsible for a nice little “Email Marketing Software” which “can handle a specific targeted campaign or a mass email to (...) 100,000 emails per hour from broadband.” Hmmm... I wonder...

[Via Digg.]

Update: The hidden keywords have now been removed.


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