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Thursday, March 30, 2006

More on Google Health and Google TV

Someone who likes to stay anonymous tells me he was talking to some Google employees (I can’t cross-check these details but it sure sounds interesting):

“One of the people I talked to was looking into Google for TV. He was vague on the details, but the idea was not like Google Video, but rather some kind of integration with set-top boxes or digital video recorders.

[Another Googler’s] current project is called Google Health. The idea is to build a specialized capability into Google for dealing with medical searches, in the same way they currently have special handling of movie and music searches. Again he didn’t reveal much detail, but I got the impression the intention is to build a self-diagnostic aid. Considering the size of the pharmaceutical advertising market, I think Google Health is likely to be an impressive offering.”

Previously, we learned that Adam Bosworth is “Architect, Google Health,” that there’s a new entry in Google’s robots.txt for “MBD” (which could mean “Medical and Biological Database”), and that Google is advertising for an “Interactive TV Product Manager in Mountain View.”


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