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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Microsoft Annoyed by IE and More

Even Microsoft hates Internet Explorer, as the following CSS comment on shows...

/* fix for the IE 1px-off margin error */
* html .StupidIEMarginHack 
	margin-right: 1px; 

In other MS news, Steve "Developers" Ballmer doesn't want his kids to google (scroll down to "Do you have an iPod?"), the MSN search blog announces Search Macros, and Bill Gates, like many hardcore-nerds, shows strong signs of autism.

In the meantime, a Google-search for "microsoft is evil" on Microsoft's XBox homepage shows how strong the dark side of the force is... the page is found though it doesn't even include the phrase.

[Via Manoj Nahar, Search-Engines-Web, Boing Boing and Digg.]


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