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Friday, March 31, 2006

Google Content Directory Updated

Google redesigned how they present their personalized homepage modules to you. Instead of an expandable left-hand pane, a click on “Add content” will now take you straight to the directory. Here, you can view all the modules (categorized), search for modules, and directly add RSS or module URLs via the advanced options.

There’s still some bugs to fix (some modules you don’t have added will show as “added”, meaning you can’t add them), and there’s some usability flaws (the Google logo doesn’t change and makes you think you’re on web search, unless you read the help text*), but it’s an improvement over the last iteration.

*Nielsen started his 1997 article “How Users Read on the Web” with the words “They don’t.”

Also see Google Modules (by Alex and me).

[Thanks Or, Adam.]


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