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Monday, April 17, 2006

Eric Schmidt in ’88 (Video)

Here’s Google CEO Eric Schmidt back in 1988 teaching in a public speaking class. He says he’s a fan of Machiavelli – “where there is no conflict, there is no life." (Note the video has some technical flaws, including that the first minute is shown twice.) [Via InsideGoogle.]

Google Calendar for Doctors

Clinical Cases details how Doctors could use Google Calendar for making a practice schedule.

Google Fridge

The Google fridge is what you get when you hit your millionth PPC lead through AdWords, as Palo Alto Software learned. [Thanks Google’s World, TomHTML.]

Google Seppuku

Google Seppuku is a game played with Google Images. You input a bunch of Japanese or Chinese characters, and then count how many pages until you find an image so disturbing that you wish you never played the game (for more, see this blasphemic comic and this LiveJournal thread). [Thanks Joey.]

Google Parade

OK, this is fun... you can convert any image into a parade of stadium flipcards. Like this one for Google. [Via Andy.]

Google Maps Game

GBlast is a demo game showing how you can combine Google Maps and Flash. [Via Digg/ Google Maps Mania.]


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