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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Google OneBox for Enterprises

Google is introducing an updated version of their Google Search Appliance with a feature called “OneBox for Enterprises.” A OneBox is the kind of Google web search result displayed on top of the organic result, specialized to handle instant music/ travel/ weather/ news/ etc. results (search for weather ny to see this in action). This feature and others are supposed to provide better integration among different enterprise applications (for which Google teamed up with companies like Cisco):

This feature seems to be so fresh that both the official Google Blog and the official Google Enterprise Blog link to an at this time non-existent enterprise OneBox page...

Now what will such enterprise OneBox results look like? The Business 2.0 Blog gives an example:

“[I]f an executive starts searching for ’April sales’ in his Google OneBox, it will automatically suck in data from [Google partner] along with appropriate charts (assuming he is already a customer), and display that Salesforce data along with other enterprise data and general Web search results. Think of it as the consumerization of enterprise software.”

In related news, Google updated the cheaper brother of the Google Search Appliance, Google Mini (Google Mini 2.0 is announced to be smaller, better, faster).

[Thanks Pd, Manoj Nahar.]


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