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Monday, May 1, 2006

Google vs IE7

Internet Explorer 7 is supposed to have MSN integrated as default search, the New York Times reports, and Google is now lobbying against this move. The NYT quotes Google’s Marissa Mayer:

“The market favors open choice for search, and companies should compete for users based on the quality of their search services ... We don’t think it’s right for Microsoft to just set the default to MSN. We believe users should choose."

According to the NYT, Google says the best way to handle the search box would be “to give users a choice when they first start up Internet Explorer 7,” e.g. by selecting from a dropdown box containing popular search engines. It’s an interesting proposal, considering Firefox itself – which Google pushes on their US front-page – comes installed with Google by default... hypocrisy on Google’s part?

[Thanks SEO Blog, Brinke Guthrie, and Kirby Witmer.]


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