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Thursday, May 4, 2006

Google Health, Google News Video Integration?

In a couple of days it’s Google Press Day, and Manoj Nahar of the Search Engines and SEO Blog sent in info of what we can expect. According to USA Today, Marissa Mayer said there would be a couple of big announcements on May 10. Possibly, that includes Google Health... when asked on it, Marissa said, “Health is an interesting one – keep your eye out for that next week.” (Will Google Health be more than just a helpful onebox result when you enter things like “chest pain"?)

Another interesting revelation of things to watch out for is that video results will be integrated to Google News some future day. “So if you search for ’bird flu,’ you’ll get the USA TODAY results alongside the video report from CNN,” as USA Today puts it. Marissa adds:

The presentation of search results is going to change a lot in the next couple of years ... Video will play a big role. If you search for how to cut up a chicken or how to change a flat tire, video is the right answer.

At the moment, Google doesn’t have their own web video crawler... but I’m sure it’s on their list.


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