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Sunday, May 7, 2006

Saving PNGs in Photo-Paint

Photo-Paint is really braindead at times. I like the software, and it has its pros and cons compared to Photoshop, but Corel are churning out new versions without fixing existing bugs (and sometimes, they introduce new ones). For example, as far back as (at least) 7 years ago in Corel Photo-Paint 9, saving PNGs was broken – variable transparency, one of the greatest advantages of PNG over GIF, didn’t work when saving the file in layers. Now it’s 2006 and in version 13 – “X3”, which is available as free trial from – the same bug is still in. (You get the feeling the only thing that is being worked on in this program is marketing, and that marketing demands new version numbers without the programmers doing much of the needed work.) But anyway, there’s a work-around for variable transparency for Photo-Paint PNGs: create a mask, not a layer, and save as PNG... that works.


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