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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

SiteAdvisor Extension for Google

If you install the SiteAdvisor extension for Firefox, you will see green checkmarks or red crosses next to Google search result links; green means the site is OK, red means you should be cautious (there may be spyware, popups and such). Hover your mouse over the red cross, and you’ll get more info on the site’s status.

I’m not sure how reliably this works for sites marked as OK, or how well this fares with the long tail of shady web sites. Suzi Turner of of the Spyware Confidential blog in March wrote:

I wholeheartedly endorse SiteAdvisor now – I think it’s an excellent program. I’ll admit to being a bit reluctant at first because I checked some sites that I know to be sources of malware, and those sites were given a green rating. At that time, SiteAdvisor did not have the ability to detect web pages with exploits; however, that functionality has since been added.

If you want to check what information SiteAdvisor stores for specific domains (SiteAdvisor seems to be mainly focused on domains), you can use a URL like this one:

[Thanks Peter Dawson.]


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