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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sell Your Phone Time

If you’re an expert on something (programming, blogging, dating, cooking, a foreign language?), Ether allows you to “sell what you say.” You can set-up an Ether phone number, define your hourly price & the times you want to be called, and start earning money. Ether cashes in a 10% on calls (15% after the Beta phase).

[Thanks Search-Engines-Web. Image by Ether.]

7 LCD Screens Display

Do you want a bigger monitor?

Google Purchases Tests?

Google Blog Dirson reports that Google made tests on Dirson shows a Google screenshot reading “This service is temporarily unavailable at this time. Please check back again in a moment”. Is it possible Google reveals a PayPal competitor on today’s Press Day? [Via Googling Google.]

Global Mosaic

The Broth is a global mosaic where people move around colored tiles on the screen – together, in real-time. [Thanks Amanda.]

Also see Pixel Group.

Google News Cloud

This tag cloud aggregating Google News has a very interesting feature (I never saw this before): related tags are grouped when you hover over them. Utills in the forum says, “Having one big cloud with main keywords might be better than sorting out tags into different categories but overall I like the idea.”


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