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Friday, May 12, 2006

Captchas Usability Quiz

What does above Blogger comments captcha read?


And what does this Digg submission captcha read?

Google Tech Talk by Lauren Weinstein (Video)

Lauren Weinstein has a video of his talk at Google [WMV] on his blog. Lauren says the topics included “a number of the controversial issues related to Google, but also more generally privacy, free speech, ISPs, data retention, government and legal issues, censorship, network neutrality, and more.”

A Practical Example of Google Subscription Links

Reto Meier used the new Google Co-op subscription links feature for a cricket “onebox” and explains the how and why. [Picture by Google Co-op.]

AdWords Poems

Inspired by a list of best-paying Google ad keywords, Jacob started to post a series of poems like this one:

Asbestos tragedies,
happen most frequently
inside folks' pleuras.

Then they get bloodthirsty
lawyers to harass their
stingy insurers.

[Thanks Marketing Thoughts.]


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