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Saturday, May 13, 2006

AdWords for Google Base Items

You can create AdWords ads specifically for items posted to Google Base. [Thanks Or.]

Dilbert on Search Engines

Nice cartoon by Scott Adams. [Thanks Miel and Brinke.]

Google AdWords API 4

Google has announced version 4 of their AdWords API.

Putin Googlebomb

Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to be the target of a Googlebomb for a search for “enemy of the people” in Russian. Enter that phrase and you’ll see the official Putin biography on top of the results... [Thanks Oleg Semenov.]

Update: Oleg adds that this bomb also affected Russian search engine, but that they altered the results manually at government request... wow, if that’s true it’s immense.

Google Talk on Nokia 770

Hmm, is that Google Talk on a cell phone internet tablet? [Thanks Colin C.]


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