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Monday, May 15, 2006

Google Page Creator Gadgets

Google Gadgets (former “modules”) have been integrated into Google Desktop 4 – apparently, I couldn’t get this to work so far – and now also Google Page Creator. To see this, follow the “Site settings” link on your Google Pages overview page, and enable “Experimental features.” After confirming that you won’t send your lawyers after Google and you won’t complain a bit in your blog if anything goes wrong (or something to that effect, I skipped the fine print), you’re ready to use the feature in your pages.
Create a new page, focus any element on the page, and click the pie icon to the left reading “More” (not sure why this is a pie icon). You can then search for a gadget – like a clock, a daily horoscope, or a game of Pac-Man – to include in your page; here’s a sample page with a clock.

Nice integration, but expect some “noisy” Google Pages in the future...

[Thanks Jens Minor.]


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