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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Yahoo’s New Homepage

Yahoo seems to have rolled out its new homepage design for everyone (others had it before but it’s the first time I see it here). The homepage looks better than before but is still much too cluttered for my tastes, a portal to all things Yahoo – Geocities, sports, web hosting, search marketing, real estate, horoscopes, radio, games – as opposed to a focus on search (so depending on what you want, you might like this). Once you search for something, you will notice the results page doesn’t really fit with the homepage design – all smooth gray/ cyan shades will be gone.

The layout is spanning the full browser window on 1024x768 pixel resolutions, whereas the old Yahoo homepage was only optimized for 800x600 pixels, though you will get a downgraded new design when you’re on lower resolutions (the Yahoo services will then be integrated into the content instead of being listed to the left). There’s a lot of DHTML features, enabling you to expand and collapse sections, or switch news content without leaving the page.

(A video message by Yahoo founders David Filo and Jerry Yang is supposed to explain/ advertise the new homepage design, but first the video was down for me, and then the sound was almost muted.)


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