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Monday, May 29, 2006

Google Sitemaps Catch 22

Amit Patel sent in this:

I came across something about the reinclusion request form in Google Sitemaps interface that you might find interesting.

Apparently, in order to submit a reinclusion request, one has to acknowledge violating Google’s quality guidelines, even if they do not believe they did so.

Attachment 1 – before admitting guilt – form submit button is inactive – can’t submit reinclusion request. Attachment 2 – after admitting guilt form submit button is active – can submit reinclusion request.

So basically – under this system if a site has been dropped from the index, the owner is forced to admit wrong doing (even if they didn’t) and at the same time clear Google of any wrong doing (even if they did).

It is programed into the system that if Google can never make mistakes. There can’t be a situation in which Google dropped a site from the index because of their own fault. They are always above and beyond any doubt...

A little on the ’evil’ side I must say...


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