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Monday, May 29, 2006

Google Purchases Tests?


Nathan Weinberg of InsideGoogle has a tipster inform him of a secret Google Purchases test project (something you’ll only get to see as a Google Trusted Tester):

Google sent out a notice to testers recently that they are holding a confidential beta of a system to make purchases from “high-quality merchants” using their Google Accounts. They listed a great selection of stuff, including cell phone and iPod accessories, music and movies, health and beauty supplies, furniture, housewares, sports and outdoor gear, toys, games and more. The test is currently closed to international residents, and is a closed beta (so most of us wonÂ’t be getting in for a long time).

(If you’re reading along and you’re also a Google Trusted Tester who can confirm this, please email me.)

In other recent news, Google registered

[Thanks in the forum.]


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