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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Google Base Germany (Again)

I recently reported that Google Base for Germany was live, but that was a little too early – while the URLs worked, the content was still English. That has changed and at least has a German interface by now (the Google Base blog also mentions a new Google Base UK, though I still see US-$ prices there). [Thanks Corsin Camichel.]

Logoworks Logos

Logoworks designs your logo for $300 upwards. The cool thing is the design quality, as well as the fact that you’ll get a bunch of varied designs to choose from. Mike Arrington of TechCrunch has a review including logo samples, and he also got a discount for all of you.

Google Co-op Travel Refinements

When I now search for my town, Stuttgart, I’m getting Google Co-op query refinements (like “dining guides”, “shopping”, or “tours”).

Google Groups for the Personalized Homepage

When you now visit Google Groups, you’ll see a small “add to Google” button. Clicking it will add your subscribed newsgroups or Google Groups to your personalized Google homepage. Sam Davyson in the forum comments that the module is “literally just a list of links.” Who of you is actually using Google Groups as newsgroup reader? [Thanks Niraj Sanghvi.]

Gmail Hebrew, Arabic

Gmail is now available in two new interface languages, Arabic and Hebrew, Google reports. You can also change the text direction while composing messages. [Thanks Hermon.]

Slashdot Redesign Winner

The new Slashdot design is cool. The font could be easier to read, tho. In any case it wasn’t the design that pulled me away from Slashdot in the first place... it was a combination of Digg, and Slashdot deciding to nofollow those who submit frontpage stories. (Hmm, do I have to update Boringdot now?)

[Via Waxy, and Kushtrim Xhakli in the forum.]

Google AdSense Sparklines

The Info Aesthetics blog explains how you can show off your AdSense earnings with a blog widget. [Via Waxy.]


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