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Thursday, June 8, 2006

Google Browser Sync

You get the feeling that whenever you leave the house, when you return home there’s a new Google product that just launched. Today’s revelation is Google Browser Sync, a Firefox extension to save your browser settings (like bookmarks, your history, cookies and passwords) across different computers. Dan Cousar in the forum writes, “I just installed this plugin, and I must say I love it,” while Ken Kuhl notes: “The remote storage of saved passwords and cookies is a bit worrisome.”

The idea sounds nice, though there’s a word of warning on the Google Browser Sync homepage which made me a little wary of installing this:

Google Browser Sync must update your browser settings whenever you start Firefox. This will increase the start-up time of Firefox (the time between clicking on the Firefox icon and loading your start page) – please bear with us as we work to decrease this delay.

And when I tried to install Browser Sync to test it, I received an “unknown error” after waiting a minute for Google to create the Sync account. Are we seeing the Google launch syndrome in action here?

[Thanks Drew, Benjamin M., Didier D., Henrique G., Kirby Witmer, Orli Yakuel, Niraj Sanghvi, Adam B., and Eli Yukelzon.]


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