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Monday, June 12, 2006

Google "Onebox" Results We Still Need

A “onebox” is an instant result on top of Google’s organic search result. For example, when you enter weather ny, Google shows you the current New York weather without you having to leave the results page. Here are a couple of onebox results we don’t have yet, but which might prove useful:

1. Social network profiles

2. Whois queries*

*If I’m not mistaken, a similar feature was briefly available for real. [Update: And that onebox is now available.]

3. Directly ask at Google Answers

4. Chat with a Googler

5. Google Book Search results

6. Instant recipes

7. Creative Commons content

8. A “Like"-operator for images

9. Calories counter for people on a diet

10. Instant quotes

What other oneboxes you’d like to see?


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