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Monday, June 19, 2006

Microsoft Employees Prefer Google?

Andrew Hitchcock posted some search engine usage stats broken down by company. I wanted to cross-check this with more data, and logged in to VisitorVille Intelligence. (Disclosure: I had VisitorVille advertisements on this blog last year.) VisitorVille Intelligence is a statistics software, so their tracker code is included in quite a few websites – and by analyzing referrer statistics, you can check which search engine a corporation’s employee was using to find a specific site. Here are some of the interesting bits:

Microsoft Corp: Top Search Engines Used
Google: 66.31%
MSN: 19.65%
Yahoo: 10.18%

Yahoo! Inc.: Top Search Engines Used
Yahoo: 68.87%
Google: 29.80%

Google Inc.: Top Search Engines Used
Google 100%

Now, I have to admit the last figure made me somewhat suspicious of the scope of this data. I don’t doubt that Googlers are mostly using Google, but at least a couple of non-native searches should’ve slipped through, no?


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