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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Google Releases Account Authentication API

Google has released Account Authentication, a web service to for developers to create web applications which are accessed with the Google Account/ which access the Google Account, as Garett Rogers reports. The program is available in two flavors; one for web apps (“Account Authentication Proxy for Web Applications”), and one for desktop apps (“Account Authentication for Installed Applications”).

The basic workflow of Google Account Autentication for web apps is this:

  1. You call Google’s service (called “AuthSub”)
  2. Google serves a page to the user with a login box (the one accepting the Gmail address + password)
  3. If the login was successful, Google forwards back to your web app, and transmits a special token
  4. You call the Google service again, providing this token, and you then can get certain data from Google (e.g. access to Google Calendar events, or access to Gmail’s Atom feed)

[Image by Google.]


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