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Monday, July 3, 2006

Website Flags

The web becomes more global every day, and country borders are blurred. What we really need in this day and age, even more than country flags, are flags for websites. Like...

1. Googlonia

Googlonia’s flag, in classical uncluttered white, contains four stars representing the Google cornerstones search, usability, relevance, and prosperous relations with the Chinese government.

2. Amazon

The flag of consists of three horizontal stripes and an orange arrow in the middle. The color blue represents freedom (to buy stuff), and the arrow represents late-90s logo designs.

3. The World Wide Web Consortium Country, makers of all web standards, created a highly accessible design on a beloved Netscape 3 gray background. The flag is still a draft and comes with an audio version for the sight-impaired.


The Nigerian government rightfully protested when their flag design was stolen to represent all spam websites.

5. The Republic of Techcrunch’s flag is the only known flag containing supercool Web 2.0 elements such as extra-large icons, bevels and smooth color shades.

6. The Yahoo Kingdom

No particular meaning is attached to the fresh, colorful design of one of the oldest and most honorable of all ’net sites.

7. Country

Adobe “we believe PDF doesn’t always suck” Inc’s flag was hailed as a design masterpiece. It is forgotten by whom.

8. BoingBoingistan

The Creative Commons licensed flag of #1 blog contains three vertical stripes (yellow, red, green) and a silly icon (white).


The Recording Industry Association of America doesn’t allow republications of their flag.

9. The Land of

The infamous Internet Movie Database website has a beautiful flag reminding people of the good old times when Hollywood movies were still fresh, original and funny (that is, before they added sound).

10. Diggaria’s superior flag harvests the smart mob, with every user independently controlling a small square of the overall design.


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