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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Robotic Man David Bernal (Videos)

David “Elsewhere” Bernal is featured in quite a few videos on Google Video. You probably know the original one that became a major meme a couple of years ago. And while we’re on the subject of robots, check out this copier...

Google Search History Trends Module

Google released a new personalized homepage widget which lists and visualizes your search history. For example, you’ll be able to see your top searches, the top gaining queries related to your searches (this one’s interesting!), and a graph plotting your search activity over time. [Via Google System.]

Update: And there’s another new module from Google for integrating Picasa albums. [Thanks Maxim.]

Download Google Image Results

Googlegrab is a desktop program which automatically saves images from any Google Image search for you. E.g. enter “logo”, and you’ll end up with a folder on your disk named “logo” containing many full-scale images (you can download certain sizes only, if you want to, and you can also toggle SafeSearch). The program by Sascha Merg, available for PC and Mac, has a rather awkward interface but otherwise works well.

Google China Book Search?

Google is planning to expand its China services with a Chinese book search program, People’s Daily Online/ Shanghai Securities News reports. Quoting Google’s Kai-fu Lee, Google “will make their books available on-line, provide search links and grant free access to a segment of each work, but readers would have to pay to read the full content.” Let’s wait and see how closely Google will work with the Chinese gov’t this time in their selection of books... [Via SEW.]

SEO Extension for Google Results

The SEO for Firefox extension adds information such as a site’s PageRank, backlinks, age, or Bloglines subscribers to Google (and Yahoo) result pages. In the extension options, you can toggle which data you want to pull automatically, and which you only want to pull on-demand; a bottom-right toggle button lets you disable the results info boxes quickly when you don’t need them. This tool might be of interest not just for search engine optimization. [Thanks Tadeusz.]


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