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Monday, July 10, 2006


Girgle is “Google search for girls.” OK, so it’s just a nice domain name and a way to make money through Google’s AdSense for Search program, customized with a pink background. The Google lawyers countdown is ticking... [Via InsideGoogle.]

OED: "To Have a Googly Break"

From the Oxford English Dictionary, quoted by Brian Mingus in the forum:

google, v.
intr. Of the ball: to have a ‘googly’ break and swerve. Of the bowler; to bowl a googly or googlies; also (trans.), to give a googly break to (a ball). Hence {sm}googler, a googly bowler.
1907 Badminton Mag. Sept. 289 The googlies that do not google. 1909 Westm. Gaz. 5 July 7/4 Mr. Lockhart, having ‘googled’ to no purpose from the ‘nursery’ end. 1923 Daily Mail 9 July 11 In R. H. Bettington they have a googler who might triumph over the best of wickets. 1928 Daily Tel. 12 June 19/2 Constantine..was out to a semi-yorker, which also ‘googled’. 1930 Ibid. 25 Apr. 8/5 Grimmett..can spin the ball and google it.

[Hat tip to Gary.]


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