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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New Google Patents

A couple of new Google search patents are out, Search Engine Watch reports:

  1. Associating features with entities, such as categories of web page documents, and/or weighting such features
  2. Suggesting and/or providing targeting information for advertisements
  3. Transportation routing
  4. Ad rendering parameters, such as size, style, and/or layout, of online ads
  5. Advertisement approval
  6. Generating and/or serving local area advertisements, such as advertisements for devices with call functionality
  7. Authoritative document identification
  8. Document segmentation based on visual gaps
  9. Indexing documents according to geographical relevance
  10. Classification of ambiguous geographic references
  11. Location extraction
  12. Local item extraction

Roger Browne in the forum comments, “Lots of clever stuff here. And yet Google still serves ads for the Eiffel Tower on my pages about the Eiffel Programming Language.”

[Thanks Ionut Alex. Chitu.]


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