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Friday, July 14, 2006

Multi User Drawings

At, everyone draws on the same surface. You can choose between different stroke widths and colors. To limit the noise, you have to solve a small riddle before you can start painting... and you have limited ink. There are some very cool drawings there... it’s hard to tell though if the multi user aspect of this adds to the quality or subtracts from it for most drawings. [Via B3ta newsletter.]

(Hmmm... imagine a Creative Commons licensed clip art library in the form of an encyclopedic, registration-optional Wiki. There’s a list of things, persons, anything, which you can browse or search through, and on each page users/ artists can add to the current state of the drawing via a Flash app. Over time the drawings improve – bad additions to drawings can be reverted, Wikipedia-style, by comparing the image versions – and everyone can use the results to illustrate their blogs or other websites, or just visually explore the world. is still free...)


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