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Friday, July 14, 2006

Google Spreadsheets Charts Coming?

When Garett Rogers starts a post with “To quench my curiosity, I had to take a closer look at the source code for Google Spreadsheets” ... then you know you’re in for a surprise. This time, Garett discovered that we may get a “create chart” feature for Spreadsheets.

Google Cures Headaches (Just Ask ’Em)

A couple of days ago, Al of the Marketing Pilgrim blog wrote an open letter to Google saying that the many changes to the Google AdWords interface give him a headache... and he ended the letter asking for some acetaminophen to be sent to his address. Interestingly enough, Google actually send him the acetaminophen. [Thanks Orli, Ramibotros and Manoj Nahar.]

Google: We Don’t Just Let Click-fraud Happen

Recently there were news about Google’s Eric Schmidt, in response to what to do about click fraud, said “let it happen.” Google defends themselves putting the quote in context.

The Story Starter

You wanna write a short story but you don’t know how to start? Let this tool help you! A story starter I got was “The screaming singer flew over the witch house just for fun.” [Via Generator Blog.]

Click Survey

Here’s a small click survey. Please click anywhere on the image on the survey page – I want to find out if there are any “hot zones” or other patterns when everyone is allowed to randomly click anywhere on the same image.

Paintings of Websites

Valéry Grancher (with in the style of Olah Perhson) paints websites... like Google. You may also have come across the giant Google painting by Exonemo, but Valéry tells me they were first...


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