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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

CNN on Google Logo Artist

CNN has an article on Google’s logo artist, Dennis Hwang. Dennis says:

Sometimes we unfortunately take some sites down, so we have to cycle through different search queries midday ... But, yeah, it’s kind of the fun aspect of it that users can do more research about a topic or find out more about it on their own if they’re not as familiar about what we’re recognizing.

Mylon, a webmaster of one of the top results for a search query linked from a special Google logo, tells:

I’m quite happy, and every webmaster in the world is happy to have as many people as possible see their babies, but it’s not the most targeted traffic in the world.

See Google’s past logos.

[Thanks David Hetfield. Logos by Google.]

Wikipedia on Israel/ Lebanon Crisis

Wikipedia offers an abundance of background information on the current Israel/ Lebanon crisis (also see the Wikipedia page on views of the Arab-Israeli conflict). Of course, with this topic, there is a high amount of discussion going on at Wikipedia’s Talk page.

Google Wifi Map

[A Google Map shows ’Mountain View Access Points and Coverage Holes’]

Randy Johnston points to a Google-hosted map of free Google Wifi spots around Mountain View, California (“free" for trusted testers, that is). Also see the Google Secure access Installer – this one discovered in September 2005 – the FAQ, and the support page.

Calacanis Shopping for Diggers

Jason Calacanis, rolling the drum for the new Digg-clone over at, writes:

I have an offer to the top 50 users on any of the major social news/bookmarking sites:

We will pay you $1,000 a month for your “social bookmarking” rights. Put in at least 150 stories a month and we’ll give you $12,000 a year.

[Thanks Ionut.] Error Message?

People are seeing this error message* while browsing with Firefox... does anyone have an explanation?

[Thanks Gareth S., Sairam.]

*"Security Error: Domain Name Mismatch.
You have attempted to establish a connection with ’’. However, the security certificate presented belongs to ’’. It is possible, though unlikely, that someone may be trying to intercept your communication with this website.”

Yahoo Contemplating Selling Unrestricted MP3s?

Hans Mast found signs that Yahoo one day may sell non-DRM music. Hans says that not only did the Yahoo Music chief once proclaim “record labels should try selling music online without copy protection"; now Yahoo Music is sending out customer surveys checking how much people would like access to unrestricted MP3s. If Yahoo chooses this path (and improves their website a bit), their service would be much superior to what iTunes is doing.

Google Page Creator Tutorials

The Google Page Explorer explains how you can integrate things like JavaScript, AdSense, Google Analytics or Flash into sites made with the Google Page Creator. (The site itself is hosted on, a good proof of concept.)


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