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Friday, July 21, 2006

Google Finance V2?

Garett Rogers came across a weird link at the top right of Google Finance reading “v2 test”. [Thanks NateDawg.]

Custom Google Maps API Cursors

The Google Maps API saw some updates, including the option for you to change the cursor appearance.

How Gmail Blocks a Virus

[One of your attachments contained a virus and could not be send. _Remove attachment and send_]

Caleb sends this in:

I was playing around with the eicar anti virus test string and I attempted to send an email in gmail with that string in a .txt attachment. I’d never actually seen what happens when you try to send a virus, so i thought it might interest you. I tried sending a virus to my gmail account with another account and it didn’t go through (nor was it returned). I tried it with .txt, .jpg, and .wmv extensions.


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