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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Snapmania’s Broken Tourist Remover

How disappointing... I read about Snapmania’s “Tourist Remover” tool on Boing Boing. What’s supposed to happen is that you feed it a couple of photos from the same architectural object with lots of by-passing tourists or cars in front, and the tool will then remove the tourists or cars.

After signing up for Snapmania and taking a couple of snapshots around town, I’ve applied the tourist removal filter (after figuring out I had to disable the popup blocker for this site to make it work – the Snapmania interface is kinda hard to use, too, suffering from partial mystery meat navigation). You’re then supposed to sort the images by “best match” from left to right, which isn’t easy as you’ll only get to see tiny thumbnails. After you choose your preferred quality and hit “submit,” you’ll be alerted that your job ends up in a processing queue and that you receive an email after it’s finished.

Well, after a day, that Snapmania email didn’t reach me (and I tried this with two different sets, one containing 9 images). Neither could the mail be found in the spam folder. The only thing that happened is that my albums include a couple of new pictures of which none actually have the bypassers removed. Maybe others are luckier... this might be a nice filter if it works.


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