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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A New Google Service to Come?

Greg Stein at the official Google Code blog writes:

I’ve been working with a great team for a while now to produce a new Google Service for the Open Source community – in fact, we’re putting the final touches on it as I write this blog post.

Come to my OSCON talk on Thursday the 27th, at 1:45pm, to learn more!

Garett Rogers speculates about the new service:

[W]ouldn’t it be great if Google provided a service like Source Forge with the search capability of Krugle, excellent revision control using SVN and continuous integration with Cruise Control?

[Gary Stein Greg Stein] has a history filled with open source involvement — currently he is Chairman of the Apache Software Foundation and is an engineering manager at Google.

[Thanks Caleb, Manoj Nahar and NateDawg.]


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