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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Digg Labs Launched

Previews of this were floating around the Digg 2.0 3.0 launch party a while ago, and now the Digg Labs site with Digg data visualizations is live. The two tools “Stack” and “Swarm” sure look neat, but are they useful, too? [Via Digg.]

Top Firefox Extensions

Sankar in the forum asks: what are your top Firefox extensions?

Google Personalized Homepage on Mobile Phones

Google offers a page where you can customize the personalized homepage for your phone. Not that many modules are compatible with mobile phones, though...

[Thanks Jeroen Hendriks and BrianS.]

Google Ads in Software?

From (my emphasis):

Spiceworks is expected to launch a beta of its namesake software [yesterday], which monitors the networks of small- and medium-size businesses ... it’s free to use, supported by Google ads appearing on the right side of the administration console.

From the Google AdSense policies:

No Google ad, search box, or referral code may be pasted into any software application.

[Thanks Manoj Nahar.]

Google Financial Data Visualized

Hakim visualized Google’s financial data. He writes:

Google just released their Q2 ‘06 financial results, most of us get lost in numbers, plus there isn’t a way to quickly understand where these guys are heading. So I compiled an Excel sheet with the 14 quarters from 2003 till now containing all their financial results.


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