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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Netscape Hacked

A JavaScript alert on reads “Tom Way is the sexiest man alive.”

Digg-clone was hacked today via HTML injections, as the F-Secure screenshot shows. The site is still prone to XSS attacks; check this link for a sample of what happens when you don’t correctly escape user-provided text before outputting it.

It’s possible this is another episode of the Digg vs Netscape battle... see what previously happened:

Jason Calacanis, Netscape:

On the latest DIGG Nation ... Digg co-funder Kevin Rose goes on a massive attack of my plans to hire a dozen top social bookmarkers, but he doesn’t seem to have a point about it. I’d actually be interested in hearing what he thinks about paying folks to do social bookmarking, but instead he just personally attacks me.

Kevin Rose, Digg:

Clever PR stunt, but man, in the end I believe it’s going to do more damage for Netscape than good. Ya see users like Digg,, Reddit and Flickr because they are contributing to true, free, democratic social platforms devoid of monetary motivations. All users on these sites are treated equally, there aren’t anchors, navigators, explorers, opera-ers, or editors.

[Thanks Peter Dawson. Image by F-Secure.]


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