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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Personal Info Search?

Right now, Google can collect your search history, emails (Gmail), browsing history (Google Toolbar), Groups postings, blog postings (Blogger), Google Base items, Picasa images, order history (Google Checkout) and so on... yet there’s no single Google web interface searching through all of those at once. Caleb in the forum asks: do we need a Personal Info Search?

Google Tests Unbranded AdSense

Jensense reports that Google is experimenting with showing an unbranded AdSense... no more “Ads by Goooooogle” disclaimer. If this becomes a regular feature, spam bloggers may abuse it. In general though I think it’s fine as opt-in setting, because then the webmaster can add the disclosure himself – but just letting webmasters randomly end up without any disclosure is misleading. This may be a feature Google shouldn’t just test without asking webmasters for permission. [Via SEW.]

More Video Answers From Matt

Google’s Matt Cutts answers a couple of new SEO-related questions on Google Video. This time he covers static vs dynamic URLs, supplemental results, site architectures and more. [Thanks Art-One.]

Google Desktop Sidebar Communication API

Google released the Communication API for Google Desktop gadgets. Google writes:

By means of the Communication API, Google Desktop allows a gadget to exchange data with another instance of the same gadget on a friend’s computer. Through Google Talk, you can send and receive short strings (up to 2 kilobytes) of anything you want – text snippets, chess moves, whatever.


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