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Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Story of Google, The Musical

Rishabh went to see Google: The Musical, and tells us the story (my emphasis). Spoilers ahead!


I went to Google: The Musical. I brought a camera, but all the photos turned out badly in the dark. The synopsis was totally wrong.

Google is taking over the world – one thought at a time. An entirely original darkly-comedic electronic musical. Librarians, DJs and zombies – it’s a brave new world. This fable about the dangers of information ubiquity will make you laugh, cry and run home to your Internet.

First, there was nothing about Google taking over the world. There was only one librarian, no DJs, but there were a few zombies. The story was about Google disappearing suddenly. A librarian at the Library of Congress hates her job since anybody that calls her asks her questions that can be answered by a Google Search. The majority of calls she gets is basically hate calls. She feels better when an old woman comes around every week to check out a book. Actually, because of the Internet, there is only one book left in the whole world. It’s “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”. When the librarian receives a call from a person that says that Google doesn’t exist anymore, she doesn’t believe it. However, when she tries to do a Google search, she realizes the sad truth.

Meanwhile, in Mount Doom 3 located in Silicon Valley, Google is in human form. He is complaining about all the useless searches that people do. They never try to figure things out for themselves. They just Google search anything and everything. Back at the Library of Congress, the librarian calls tech support to help with Google missing. A young man from India arrives instantly. He looks at the computer and sings it a love song. When he is finished, the computer still does nothing. That makes the tech support think that Google really is missing.

Shortly after that, the man from tech support sings a love song to his own computer, which he claims is the perfect computer, while looking at a picture of his computer in a locket. After the song is finished, the tech support man goes with the librarian and the old woman that comes in every week to check out the same book over and over again who was there at the time. She also goes with “Game Boy” which is a man that has never stopped playing video games that was just sitting there playing video games for no reason. On her way there, they encounter zombies that formed when people couldn’t get the information they need. They do not want to eat brains, they want to kill people and learn from the brains.

The first encounter with the zombies, the main characters beg to get through. After a few more encounters, things begin to get interesting. One of the zombies challenge Game Boy in a battle of video games. Game Boy wins and the main characters get to pass through. However, there is one problem. Playing the video games blinded Game Boy. The next zombie encounter was even more interesting and funny. The zombies challenge the main characters to a dance-off. The zombies show off some fantastic break-dancing. The old woman rises to the challenge and she shows off more impressive dancing. The main characters get to pass through again, but there is another problem. The old woman died shortly after finishing her dance.

Finally, after a little more time, the remaining main characters get to Mount Doom 3 in Silicon Valley and begged Google to go back online. There is another problem with that. Google cannot go back online without something special. Google needs the perfect computer to go back online.

Remember that the perfect computer belongs to the tech support guy. The tech support guy hands over his locket with the picture of the computer over to Google. Google disappears suddenly. After a little bit of talking between the main characters, a booming voice asks “Is there anything you want to know?”. One of the zombies asks “Where is the nearest Starbucks?”. Google sighs and says “There are three on this block,”. All the zombies high-five each other and leave.

The world is happy again, for now that is.

I think that Google: The Musical wasn’t really about Google. It was more about the zombies that attacked the main characters.


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